This Week in Health Care

Every Thursday, Stateside Associates selects health care-related state and local events to highlight in This Week in Health Care.

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The Assembly Insurance Committee will hold a hearing on May 20 regarding New York AB 5854. This bill amends the definition of same reimbursement amount to require that all pharmacies in network be reimbursed the same regardless of whether they are mail order or non-mail order pharmacies and defines mail order pharmacy. This bill also removes the requirement rates and terms and conditions.
Contact: Darbin Wofford



The Florida Board of Pharmacy has proposed amendments to the rules regarding the labels and labeling of medicinal drugs. The amendments discuss the language regarding all permits and the labels and labeling of medicinal drugs. Comments are due by May 20.
Contact: Mitchell Sobolevsky



The House Health Care Committee will hold a work session on May 20 regarding Oregon SB 629. This measure directs the State Board of Pharmacy to create rules regarding telepharmacy.
Contact: Ryann Woods

The Oregon Health Authority proposed rule amendments addressing updates to the Oregon Medicaid Fee for Service Prior Authorization Criteria Guide. Comments are due by May 21.
Contact: Radha Inguva

The Senate Judiciary and Ballot Measure 110 Implementation Committee will hold a work session on May 24 regarding Oregon HB 3284 which would create restrictions on the use, retention, and disclosure of health data related to COVID-19.
Contact: Ryann Woods



The Maine Office of MaineCare Services proposed a rule to address referrals to and terminations from Behavioral Health Home Services for members with Serious and Persistent Mental Illness. Comments are due by May 21.
Contact: Sarah Spaulding



The South Dakota Department of Social Services proposed a Medicaid State Plan Amendment (SPA) regarding qualifying criteria for traumatic brain or spinal cord injury add-on payments for individuals residing in a nursing facility. The proposed SPA would apply to Medicaid enrolled providers in South Dakota. The proposed SPA would allow individual flexibility to quality for this add-on payment in circumstances where completing an acute rehabilitation program is not appropriate. Comments on the proposed SPA are due by May 25.
Contact: Meghan Monahan



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