This Week in the States

For the Week of NOVEMBER 29, 2021

40 States and the District of Columbia legislatures are actively meeting this week. View our legislative session calendar here.     

  • In session or committee meetings: Blue
  • Upcoming or in special session: Red
  • Adjourned or in recess: Grey


Georgia - In special session on redistricting.

Oklahoma - In special session on redistricting of state's federal and state legislative districts convenes.

South Dakota - In special session on redistricting convenes.

Utah - In special session on redistricting, bail reform, and more.

Maryland - Upcoming Special Session on redistricting convenes December 7.



The Joint Transportation, Highways, and Military Affairs Interim Committee will hold hearing on November 29 and 30 regarding Wyoming LSO 157.This measure regulates autonomous personal delivery devices by setting requirements for how and where they may operate. The measure also sets requirements for what personal delivery devices must be equipped with in order to operate in the state.
Contact: Alex Aceto


The Senate Education Committee will hold a hearing on November 30 regarding Florida SB 790. This measure requires each public school to provide computer science instruction in elementary school that provides a foundation for future computer usage and digital literacy. Middle schools would be required to provide computer science instruction, as well. High schools would need to teach and include opportunities for students to take courses resulting in computer-related industry certifications that satisfy graduation requirements. The Florida Virtual School would also offer computer science courses that districts could use to satisfy these requirements. 
Contact: Mark Salters


The Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources will hold a hearing on November 30 regarding Florida SPB 7012. If the measure passes the hearing, then it will be formally prefiled. This measure creates a task force to study and develop recommendations on PFAS standards, cleanup, contamination, and more. 
Contact: Elizabeth Sila


The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on November 30 regarding Florida SPB 7014. This measure extends the time period of liability protection for COVID-19 related claims against health care providers.
Contact: Elizabeth Sila


The Senate Small Business and Economic Opportunity Committee will hold a hearing on November 30 regarding Ohio SB 261. This measure revises the registration of medical marijuana patients or caregivers. This measure also directs the Division of Marijuana Control to establish new requirements related to cultivator and retailer licensing. This measure also provides new qualifying medical conditions and allows for new forms of medical marijuana consumption. 
Contact: Elizabeth Sila


The Joint Committee on Cannabis Policy will hold a hearing on December 1 Massachusetts HB 4026. This measure requires informed consent for marijuana testing. This measure prohibits a health care facility, physician, or health care provider from testing any person for the presence of marijuana or THC, without first obtaining that person’s written informed consent. These entities may not disclose the results of such test to any person other than the subject of the test without first obtaining the subject’s written informed consent or identify the subject of such tests to any person without first obtaining the subject’s written informed consent. A written consent form must state the purpose for which the information is being requested and must be distinguished from written consent for the release of any other medical information. 
Contact: Elizabeth Sila


The Joint Committee on Cannabis Policy will hold a hearing on December 1 regarding Massachusetts SB 76. This measure establishes a multi-agency marijuana task force to coordinate efforts to combat illicit marijuana cultivation, processing, manufacturing, and distribution. The task force must support, coordinate, and conduct targeted investigations and enforcement actions against illicit marijuana operators. Among other things, the task force must accept referrals of potential investigative interest from state and municipal law enforcement, the Department of Public Health, the Department of Agriculture, local boards of health, other state and municipal agencies and the general public and identify where illicit marijuana cultivation, processing, manufacturing, and distribution is most prevalent and target task force members’ investigative and enforcement resources against such illicit marijuana operators, including through the formation of joint investigative and enforcement teams. 
Contact: Costa Costidis


The Senate Committee on Finance will hold a hearing on December 1 regarding Michigan SB 722. This measure changes what tobacco manufacturers have to place funds in escrow. This measure applies to the act that requires tobacco product manufacturers to place funds in escrow for medical expenses to tobacco manufacturers that were selling products in the states after December 28, 1999, instead of after the enactment of the act. 
Contact: Elizabeth Sila


The Senate Committee on Economic and Small Business Development will hold a hearing on December 2 regarding Michigan SB 706. The hearing will be open to the public and testimony will be accepted and heard publicly. This measure allows for automated vehicle roadways. The measure clarifies that an automated vehicle roadway is not an operator of a vehicle. It states that a commercial motor vehicle that is part of a platoon and on an automated vehicle roadway does not need a driver with a commercial driver's license behind the wheel. 
Contact: Alex Aceto


Local Meetings This Week:

On November 29, 2021, the Atlanta Zoning Committee will consider the second reading of an ordinance creating the definition of a "short-term rental" in the 1982 Zoning Ordinance and allowing short-term rentals as use in certain zoning districts.
Contact: Thomas Cawley


On November 30, 2021, the Berkeley City Council will consider approving the Berkeley Existing Buildings Electrification Strategy including incentives and a just transition program to assist new property owners, renters and existing property owners with the transition to zero carbon buildings.
Contact: Stephanie Rojo


On November 30, 2021, the New Orleans Economic Development & Special Development Projects Committee will receive a presentation on and discuss the Kids Menu Beverage Ordinance establishing a default beverage for children’s meals in restaurants within the City.
Contact: Stephanie Rojo


On November 30, 2021, the New York Committee on Civil Service and Labor will consider an ordinance regarding protections for restaurants, food service, and airport workers displaced due to the COVID-19 disaster emergency. 
Contact: Thomas Cawley




National Black Caucus of State Legislators
Annual Legislative Conference
Atlanta, GA
November 30 - December 3
Contact: Johnathan Lozier 

National Lieutenant Governors Association
Business Meeting
November 30 - December 2
Contact: Mark Anderson

National Lieutenant Governors Association
Business Meeting
November 30 - December 2
Contact: Mark Anderson

State Legislative Leaders Foundation
Board Meeting and Leadership Roundtable
December 1-3
Contact: Michael Behm

The Council of State Governments
Annual Conference
Santa Fe, NM
December 1-4
Contact: Stephanie Reich