The Groups Report Highlights


Energy Policy Outlook Conference | February 5-8

Washington, D.C.

Stateside Contact: Mark Anderson at


The Energy Policy Outlook Conference will begin with pre-conference sessions entitled Energy Equity and Energy Program Development and Ensuring Energy Codes Support State Energy Policy Goals: Seizing the Moment on February 5.

The following sessions are scheduled for February 6:

  • Energy and the 116th Congressional Outlook
  • Resilient Energy Infrastructure and the “100 Day” Agenda
  • The Increasing Impacts of Climate Change: State and Local Energy Actions and Options
  • Improving Reliability and Resilience of the Nation’s Bulk Power System
  • What the Disaster Recovery Reform Act Means for States, Cities, and Resilience
  • Grid Modernization and Distributed Resource Integration: Evolving Ideas Aimed at Optimizing the Grid to Meet State, Local, and Utility Needs
  • Electricity, Oil, and Natural Gas – Critical Energy Infrastructure Resilience Coordination
  • Mission Critical Facilities and ESPC: Essential Tools and Practical Guidance
  • Simplifying and Operationalizing Energy Emergency Response and Cybersecurity
  • Electric System Planning; Modeling; and Carbon Capture, Sequestration and Utilization


The following sessions are scheduled for February 7:

  • Corporate Clean Energy, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Leadership: Bolder Commitments, Practical State and Local Partnership Equals Real Progress
  • Sustainable Energy in America Factbook 2019: Progress and Outlook
  • U.S. Department of Energy Outlook – Priorities, Budgets, and State Engagement
  • Energy Storage and Solar: A Resilient Combination
  • Rural Energy Actions and the “New” Farm Bill – More Energy Financing and Assistance Options for Housing, Water, Communities and Rural Businesses
  • Innovation, Investment, Research and Development: Clean Tech Trends and Economic Development
  • Accelerating Solar: Crucial Strategies to Reduce Non-Hardware Development Costs
  • Offshore Wind: The Giga Opportunity
  • Seizing a Shared, Efficient, Electric, Autonomous Mobility Future through State-Led Solutions


The following sessions are scheduled for February 8:

  • 2019 U.S. Energy Employment Report: Data and Analysis Outlook for Energy Jobs in America
  • Changing State Energy Policy and Regulatory Directions – Hear the latest outlook for new state
  • Scaling Zero Energy and Zero Emission Buildings: From Pilots to Market Transformation
  • Resilience and Cost Savings Through Building Energy Codes
  • U.S. State Energy Program: Update and Plans for 2019
  • Washington Update: The President’s Budget, Reauthorizations, and Federal Agency Actions

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Winter Executive Committee Meeting | January 17-19

New Orleans, Louisiana

Stateside Contact: Michael Behm at

This the first meeting of the calendar year of NCSL’s governing body. The Winter Executive Committee Meeting will begin January 18 with meetings of the following Task Forces:

  • Task Force on International Relations
  • Task Force on Cybersecurity

The NCSL Foundation Board of Directors will also meet January 18.

The following committees will meet January 19:

  • Subcommittee on Audit and Compliance
  • Budget, Finance and Rules Committee
  • Committee on Outreach and Member Services
  • Subcommittee on the Legislative Institution
  • Subcommittee on the Legislative Summit

The NCSL State and Federal Issue Priority Setting has been scheduled for January 19. The full Executive Committee will also meet January 19.

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Winter Meeting | January 23-25

Washington, D.C.

Stateside Contact: Stephanie Reich at

The Winter Meeting will begin with a meeting of the Mayors Water Council and the Council of Metro Economic and the New American City on January 23.

The following forums are scheduled for January 23:

  • Caring for Our Nation’s Veterans
  • Local Solutions To Affordable Housing
  • Energy Forum: The Path to 100% Renewable Energy - Ensuring Reliability and Affordability for All
  • Food Insecurity and the Economy
  • North American Mayor’s Alliance on Trade: Understanding USCMA
  • Helping Women and Minorities in Business
  • Cultural Heritage


An opening reception will take place January 23.

A plenary breakfast session entitled America’s Lodging Industry: Creating Opportunity by Investing in People & Enhancing Your Cities is scheduled for January 24. The following forums are scheduled for January 24:

  • New Challenges and Solutions to Homelessness
  • Immigration: Responding to Current Challenges
  • 2020 Census: An Update on the Citizenship Question and Readiness
  • WDC/Mayors Working Session
  • Technology and Innovation


A plenary session entitled Insights from the 2018 Election is scheduled for January 25. The following forums are scheduled for January 25:

  • Solving the Climate Change Crisis
  • Promoting Economic Growth in Local Communities
  • Signing of Memorandum of Understanding Between the USCM & American Jewish Committee
  • 5G Deployment and Cities
  • New Transportation Technologies and Opportunities
  • Automation
  • Children and Mental Health


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