2018 State Elections

Voters will head to the polls this November in the 46 states and the District of Columbia holding regularly scheduled legislative elections to fill nearly 6,000 seats. Thirty-six (36) states will be electing governors. Thirty (30) states and the District of Columbia are electing attorneys general. Ballot measures that run the gamut of issues from campaign finance reform to regulating egg-laying hens will be in front of voters at the state and local levels of government.

With primary season over, we’re in thick of it now. Stateside has you covered – we will be highlighting all of the statewide races, selected local races, partisan control of the legislatures, primary recaps, over 100 state ballot questions and - coming soon - candidate profiles on the candidates running in the gubernatorial and attorneys general races. In the lead up to the general election, we will also be talking about how these elections could shift the political environment, hear from the lobbyists walking the halls of the state capitols and how those outcomes could shape the 2019 legislative session season.