Melissa P. Martin, J.D.

Senior Director and Counsel, Policy Research

(703) 525-7466 ext. 237

Melissa P. Martin, J.D., is a Senior Director and Counsel, Policy Research in the Regulatory Services Division. Ms. Martin joined Stateside Associates in 2007 as a Regulatory Counsel and worked for five years in that role before being promoted to Senior Regulatory Counsel in 2012. As the Senior Counsel, Ms. Martin supervises the Regulatory Services Team and handles client regulatory concerns. Ms. Martin works directly with regulatory clients to ensure that the regulatory division provides the clients with timely and accurate updates on rule developments.

Prior to joining Stateside Associates, Ms. Martin worked for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Division of State Lands where she handled state sovereign submerged land leases for the Northeast District. In addition, she clerked for Shawn A. Arnold, Esq., a criminal and civil attorney in Jacksonville, Florida. While attending Florida Coastal School of Law, Ms. Martin was the President of the Environmental Law Community Action Team in which her duties included chairing the 2004 & 2005 Environmental Summits held at the school. She received her Juris Doctor from Florida Coastal School of Law in August 2006 and also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies from Washington College. Ms. Martin has been married for over 8 years to her husband Jon. Together they live in Maryland with their two daughters, Eleni and Alexis and a house filled with dogs, cats and fish. In her spare time, Ms. Martin enjoys spending time with her family, reading and running.